200th Anniversary

A journey of discovery for members and non-members alike

In celebration of our 200th year, along side our free and open-to-all, lectures series, we also have a programme of special anniversary events happening in and around the city.

What’s on in 2019 - our 200th year

This year sees the publication of The Spirit of Inquiry, a new book on the Society’s history by respected Cambridge author Susannah Gibson, which explores how our extraordinary society helped shape modern science. We have an immersive exhibition at the University Library running from March to September 2019, which includes rarely seen archive material and items from the Society’s fascinating history. We also have a themed two-day meeting entitled “The Futures of Sciences”. Both the exhibition and two-day meeting are free and open to all – as is our whole programme of lectures.


Vice-President Jim Woodhouse gives a brief introduction into the beginnings of science in Cambridge and the forming of the Society.

Unifying the sciences through mathematics is the second video in our series from the 'Discovery' exhibition which explores one of the themes of the exhibition; The Tools of Discovery. 

The third video in our series from the 'Discovery' exhibition at Cambridge University Library to celebrate 200 years of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. This video looks at the beginnings of 'big data' with the Society sponsored Anthropometric Project, which began in 1886.