Membership of the Society comprises Honorary Members and Fellows. Any person desirous of becoming a Fellow must be recommended in writing by a Fellow of the society who has been a member for at least three years and a person of appropriate standing, who knows the candidate personally in a professional content; approved candidates are elected at open meetings of the Society following proposal at Council Meetings.

Applicants for membership are asked to present their original signed certificates (photocopies and scanned copies are not accepted) together with their first subscription payment of £10 in person at the Society's office if possible.

A Fellow shall pay an annual subscription of £10.00 due in advance on 1 January each year, but if elected in the Michaelmas Term in any year shall not be required to pay the subscription which became due on the preceding 1 January. A Fellow, or Fellow-elect, may compound for all annual subscriptions by the payment of £150.00. A Fellow of ten years' standing may compound for all future annual subscriptions by the payment of £100.00.

A Fellow may receive either Biological Reviews or Mathematical Proceedings of the Society on payment of such sum as shall from time to time be determined by the Council and approved at a General Meeting (from 1 January 2005 £15.00 per annum for Biological Reviews and £30.00 for Mathematical Proceedings; but a Fellow who is a registered Graduate Student resident in Cambridge on 1 January of any year need pay no additional charge for that year for one of these journals which his Supervisor deems is relevant to his studies, provided that it is delivered to his College or Department).

A Fellow who has reached the aged of 67 and has been a Fellow for 25 years may request the Council to remit future subscriptions. Any Fellow wishing to take advantage of this By-Law should contact the Executive Secretary.

Proposal dates and election dates.


Application form: Word or pdf format

Subscription form: Word or pdf format


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