Periodicals published by the Society are Biological Reviews (published regularly since 1926) and Mathematical Proceedings (formerly entitled Proceedings, published regularly since 1843). Transactions, published 1821-1928, are now discontinued. Other works are published from time to time.

Biological Reviews

Mathematical Proceedings

Cover of journal of mathematical proceedings Cover of journal of Biological Reviews

A Fellow may receive either Biological Reviews or Mathematical Proceedings of the Society on payment of such sum as shall from time to time be determined by the Council and approved at a General Meeting (£15.00 per annum for Biological Reviews and £30.00 for Mathematical Proceedings; but a Fellow who is a registered Graduate Student resident in Cambridge on 1 January of any year need pay no additional charge for that year for one of these journals which his Supervisor deems is relevant to his studies, provided that it is delivered to his College or Department).